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Tuesday, 14 January 2014

Poetry 14/01/2014

Today's collection are completely random and were chosen using my children's birthdays. So no themes no little collection, just three poems thrown together upon a page.

May life always treat you kind.

The Poet.

When school returns
Silence pervades the house,
school returns and again I wander room to room,
listening to the ghosts of your smiles and laughter.
A mere seventy two hours separate us,
yet I feel myself floundering in your absence.
Heart tore open in your echoes, my mood slips,
once buoyant and happy, now smothered in loss.
A sense of quiet lies thick in the air,
in senseless thought I count the minutes

till smiles greet our reunion.

The Rose
On bended knee I offer this rose to thee,
filled with my love, my heart and all that I be.
I kneel before you in virginal white,
my rose upheld capturing light.
A light born of love, understanding and truth,
blessed by the gods for elderly to youth.
Will you accept my rose as a token of love?
To join our hearts from below and above,
giving life to a love born for two,
begun with a white rose from me to you.

Your head droops toward mother earth,
panic stricken, I tie your body to the cross with silken thread,
yet still you droop, your deep red fading while sunset burns.
Is this to be your funeral pyre?
The sun wild and afire, angry at my pitiful efforts,
in his caring hands I place you, for this shall be your longest night.
Dawn arrives in subdued silence,
has your wake begun?
My failure, a sharp pain to cut the morning sun,
final tears of beauty flow, dewdrops sliding down your paled petals,
unseen rainbows join the forgotten lifeforce pooled around you.
Another heartbeat lost as one by one your petals fall,
till all is silent and you are gone.
A darkened patch in a world of colour,
no other shall take your place,
the untilled earth a final resting place for my fallen rose.

1 comment:

  1. Brilliant love all of them especially the rose