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Monday, 13 January 2014

Poetry 13/01/2014

Quite weary tonight after beginning the re-write process of some short stories I wrote many years ago for my children. Tonight's theme is a small collection that all have in some way a link to the realm of dreams.

Hope life treats you all that read this very well and even your smallest dreams become reality.

Stay safe always

The Poet

Forever in dreams the mind roams free,
emotions raw if the world could see.
Drifting blissfully we enter the sleeping realm,
our inner self takes the helm.
Steering us onto another plain,
life and dreams become the same.
Sub-conscious levels brought to light,
revealing hopes and wishes within a life.
Hidden messages lie upon the dream,
cherished hopes we seek to reveal.
My dreams, my hopes, I lay at your feet,
grant me now a peaceful sleep.
Be careful now, watch where you tread,

one step wrong my dreams are dead.

In dreams there is hope
Drifting from sight, your beauty a tangible vision,
carried along the mystical mists of time and place,
just out of reach, hiding in obscurity.
Charon waits, his flesh deprived hand
held expectantly for the price of passage.
Your feint lament of love teases my senses,
washing over me, carrying me onward in exquisite waves.
Spellbound by your beauty, I alight upon your prison.
Chain link amulets hold you rigid,
tied in the suppliant embrace of the wrath of the gods,
a goddess untainted in punishment, fragile yet strong.
My hand caresses you face, drawing you to my breast,
hiding the soft tears of solitude you endured
under the fickle pleasures of the gods.
I feel your mouth kissing enquiringly up my neck,
leaving hot trails of fire at your every touch.
Closing my eyes in ecstasy, I give myself to my goddess.
Suddenly, my hands grip empty air,
torn backwards, receding, slipping from your sight,
returning to the breathless tangled sheets of reality.
Squeezing my eyes shut, I feel my tears fighting for release
under the enforced caps of sleep over my eyes.
Memories of you carry a smile, a chance of hope,
solitude, just a word, quickly beaten when one becomes two.

First time I saw you was in a dream
Sunset slipped serenely into the waiting arms of night,
the sizzling heat of mid-summer,
lost in the frozen caverns of my heart.
Tired legs still striding purposefully toward my own solitude,
I stopped, transfixed, legs immobile, rooted to the spot.
A soft halo of light framed the timeless vision before me,
soft fluttering eyelashes accentuated the stark beauty of your eyes,
pools of seduction staring deep into my soul.
Angelic sighs ruffled the dark tresses of ebony,
framing the vision of the goddess elect.
Your whispered “hello”, slips seductively upon the breeze,
playing taunting, tantalizing games upon my ears.
Feathery rays of moonlight slip enchantingly around your heavenly body,
each shapely line bathed in shadow and light in liquid motion.
my eyes flutter open, your image of perfection slipping,
lost in the realms of dreams.
Head turning my smile returns,
gently sleeping by my side,
my goddess, my love, my lady.
A vision of perfection first seen in my dreams,

now beside me for all eternity.

The Dreamer
Drifting silhouettes of death,
ride on the coat tails of destruction,
hunting the living in tortured dreams of retribution.

Tearing through the veil of paranormal plains,
feint saliva trails of demonic tongues,
add to the rivulets of your sweat masked fear.

Tossing and turning, fighting your nightly straight jacket,
tied in a horizontal crucifix amid
the twisted sheets of the hangman’s noose.

Hands grasping at the morning,
your silent screams tear through the sunshine,
revealing the anguished cries of the dreamer.

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