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Saturday, 4 January 2014

Poetry 04/01/2014

Well today has been dull and overcast all day with just a hint of cold. Under the pain of my back my mood as been a little darker than usual and this may reflect in today's poems. I normally love days like this enjoying the silence that these days bring and how everything seems quite muted under the strain of the day and the distinct lack of sunshine. the first poem is about the silence of these days, the second poem is a fantasy piece about the army of night ready to wash over the final setting of the sun and the last poem portrays my love of the night. Hope in some small you derive a little enjoyment from the poems and any comments would be very welcome.
May tonight's dreams become the realities of the morn and carry you on a journey of your heart's desire.

Across brooding angry skies the sun shies from view,
lost behind battleship clouds ready for war.
Dampness holds ground in boggy disposition
adding ugly blackened scars across an already pained landscape.
Muted sound fights through air thickened with menace,
striving to be heard from inside pre storm deafness.
No simple bird calls or children at play
disturb the murky silence of night within day amid the birth of January.
Grey wraiths blanket a battered sky,

under weary sighs we look to tomorrow.


The shadow guardian waited.
Sunset burned low, rich in the colours he hated so much.
His time was coming, his excitement a tangible realisation.
Black silken armies waited above the sun’s final defiance;
he was ready for the darkest of nights,
fear his sword, the unknown his armour.
Long ships with darkened sails unfolded edge forward.

The final burnt copper of the suns blood ebbs into his glass.
He knows something is wrong, his mind screams the warning,
on the breeze her lullaby whispers its beauty.
His army lies frozen; he has no answers, accepting his time has gone,
the lullaby cuts deep, the beauty surpassing his duty.
His army of night falls in silent rapture,
her song of sunset their undoing.

Hello darkness my old friend – I've missed you
Summer people love summer,
longing to feel the nurturing sun caressing their bodies in sensual heat.
Temperatures soaring, I wear an upside down smile,
lethargy seeps into my soul from behind mirrored vision.
Months flitter by held in eternal light,
summer seeks its zenith,
under a final flash of colour death seeks an audience.
I miss the bleakness of your vista,
the long darkened nights of your season,
the crispness of the air just catching my throat
as I drink from the well of plummeting temperatures.
I hear your song of winter amid the mournful cries of solitude
carried on skeletal branches reaching for the heavens,
a chorus of melodies carrying me onward into the shadowlands.
Hand in hand we travel the night,
I look upon your blackened tapestry
and I wear a smile at your return,
“Hello darkness my old friend, I've missed you.”

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